Arab Islamic Bank's Social Responsibility



The Arab Islamic Bank strives to be at the forefront of institutions concerned with social responsibility in all fields, based on its vision and plan for the continuation of contribution and participation in all social activities to promote and develop the Palestinian society in its various sectors at both the institutional and individual levels. The Arab Islamic Bank is continually striving to provide support to diverse categories of Palestinian society; therefore, the bank's role in social development is critical.

Social Responsibility Procedures 

The Arab Islamic Bank is committed to an agreed-upon policy for social responsibility management from the time an application is received until it is approved by senior management, in order to achieve the highest standards of transparency and coverage of the greatest number of assistance programs. The social responsibility management system is made up of multiple steps, which are as follows:

  • Receiving applications through the bank’s branches
  • Verifying applications and fulfilling the requirements
  • Examining the application by the Department of Public Relations and Marketing
  • Notifying relevant parties and beneficiaries
  • Paying donations

Social Responsibility of 2022

In the year 2022, the share of community contributions to support development and education was the highest. This comes in light of the bank's commitment and interest in promoting the local community by enhancing social responsibility, achieving sustainability, and following up on all sectors and groups that need support and assistance. The percentage of contributions to social responsibility reached approximately 155,081 US dollars.



Contribution Amount ($)

Institutional partnerships reached 22