Our savings account meets the needs and desires of customers. The process for opening the account and its requirements are simple, making the savings process straightforward and enjoyable in terms of using electronic services to manage the account through E-banking and the banking application. Furthermore, our savings account is regulated by Islamic Sharia.

AIB Savings Account Features

  • Savings accounts benefit from dividends
  • Prizes and draws are offered regularly through savings-related campaigns
  • You can get a credit card
  • You can get a debit card for online and local purchases
  • Ability to use electronic services such as internet banking and AIB mobile banking App
  • Ability to access and manage your account through the bank's network of branches and offices
  • Our Savings account allows customers to plan and manage their money more effectively
  • Our Savings Account complies with Islamic Sharia  

Requirements for Opening an AIB Savings Account

  • Individuals: Be over 18 years old and hold an ID card; anyone who is less than 18 years old can open an account under the supervision of their legal guardian by coming to the branch immediately to complete the requirements for opening the savings account. 
  • Institutions : The institution (legal personality) shall meet the requirements for licensing from the relevant authorities according to the law's provisions and list the authorized signatures. The account is opened directly in their presence at the bank and upon completion of the account opening procedures. Regarding opening a savings account in the name of more than one individual, it is either a group of natural persons who deal with the bank in their real names or under commercial names registered in accordance with the law.
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