The AIB Financial Inclusion Account offers basic banking services to the target groups.


Every natural person with legal capacity who holds a Palestinian or Jerusalem ID card and does not have an active or dormant bank account or joint account with any of the banks permitted to operate in Palestine.

Banking Services Provided by the AIB Financial Inclusion Account

  • Providing direct cash deposit and withdrawal services, as well as check deposit services for collection
  • ATM cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Online banking services
  • Automatic bill payment from the account
  • Sending and receiving internal and external transfers
  • ATM card

AIB Financial Inclusion Account Features

  • Ability to open the account without any fees or commissions.
  • Ability to open the account without a minimum limit
  • Free SMS and internet banking services
  • The monthly financial transactions must not exceed USD 2,000, with a maximum of USD 12,000 per year.


If the maximum limit of credit transactions is exceeded, the Bank is entitled to take the following procedures:

  • First: The AIB is entitled to change the financial inclusion account to a current account after getting the client's approval and completing the necessary documentation based on the nature and requirements of the account.
  • Second, if the maximum limit is exceeded, the AIB is entitled to refuse to execute financial transactions until the account status is corrected.

The AIB is entitled to close the Account if the customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the account, after notifying the customer.

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