AIB Privacy Policy 

Your privacy is important to us 

Your privacy and security is very important to us. At Arab Islamic Bank (AIB), we treat your personal information as private and confidential. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and providing you with the highest level of security. This statement describes what personal information we collect, what we do with it, and how we protect it. 

Security of your personal information  

Arab Islamic Bank (AIB) implements appropriate measures and techniques to keep your personal information secure and ensure that it is protected from loss, unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or disclosure. 

We do care about your personal information and have implemented several procedures and techniques to keep your personal information secure and confidential. The following procedures and techniques are in place to protect your personnel information: 


  • AIB employees are well trained and have regular training to ensure that your personal information is protected, secure and confidential.
  • AIB always adopts and implements best practices and IT security standards. AIB updates its IT security policy regularly and whenever there is a need to do so.
  • AIB implements state of art IT security technologies and systems in order to protect your personal data from loss, disclosure and intrusion.

What information Arab Islamic Bank collects and uses  


Arab Islamic Bank collects and uses information about you to administer its business and provide you with high quality financial products and services. We collect information about you from a variety of sources, such as: 

  • AIB applications, personal financial statements, and other written or electronic communications reflecting information such as your name, address, identification number, occupation, assets, and income.
  • Transactional account history including your account balance, payment records, and credit card usage.

Your role is important 

Protecting your personal data requires your cooperation besides bank’s role. We advise you to follow the following guidelines in order to keep your information secure: 


  • Regularly check your account balance and bank statements and report promptly any discrepancies to your account manager, call center or branch.


  • Contact AIB call center immediately if you believe someone else may have access to your password, user ID, PIN, or other confidential information.


  • Do not share confidential information via the telephone or online or via social media as Arab Islamic Bank never request such information.


  • Ensure you have recent Anti-Virus and updates it regularly.


  • Ensure that your account records are properly disposed.


  • Always use a secure browser when conducting transactions online, close online applications when not in use.

How we use your information 

Any personal information provided by you to Arab Islamic Bank will be used for providing and operating our products and services, you have requested. 

This information may be used for other related purposes, which may include updating and enhancing Arab Islamic Bank records, conducting credit risk assessment and reviewing financing eligibility. 

 We may use your personal information to advise you of other products and services that may be of interest to you or for purposes required by law or regulation. 

Whom we share information with  

We may share the information about you and your dealings with us, to the extent allowed by law, with: 

  • Arab Islamic Bank branches.
  • Regulators.
  • External Auditors.

Contact us

In case of any questions or you have a complaint, you can reach us via email  , through our website: