The Arab Islamic Bank recently conducted a comprehensive training program at the premises of An-Najah National University in Nablus. The program, titled "Pioneers in Islamic Banking," was designed specifically for university students, drawing the participation of 32 students from the faculty of Business and Communication. The selection of students from these disciplines reflected the direct relevance of their specializations to banking operations.

The Human Resources Department of the Arab Islamic Bank executed the training program, in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Communication at the university. The program spanned a total of 36 training hours, strategically distributed across 6 sessions. These sessions delved into a wide array of topics, encompassing the realms of traditional banking, Islamic finance, and behavioral skills.

Dr. Rafat Al-Jallad, the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Communication, and Dr. Doha Al-Tanbour from the Department of Finance attended the graduation ceremony. Mr. Rateb Attiyani, the Director of Human Resources Department, and Mr. Wasim Dweikat, the Ramallah Branch Manager were present to represent the AIB.

Dr. Rafat Al-Jallad extended a warm welcome to the attendees and conveyed greetings from the Acting President of the University, Dr. Abdel Nasser Zaid. In his remarks, Dr. Al-Jallad praised the substantial collaboration with the Arab Islamic Bank, recognizing its pioneering role in advancing societal well-being. He underscored the university's dedication to seamlessly integrating students into practical training opportunities throughout their academic journey. Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of conducting specialized courses in Islamic banking.

Mr. Rateb Attiyani, the Director of Human Resources Department at AIB, underscored the significance of offering such courses to university students, citing the bank's keen interest in prestigious institutions that serve as the intellectual backbone of society. These universities not only embrace the nation's youth but also produce knowledgeable professionals who play a pivotal role in advancing the country. Attiyani highlighted that the program aligns with the bank's social responsibility, aiming to engage with students, enhance their knowledge and experiences, and introduce them to the principles of Islamic banking. This initiative is designed to ease their transition into the job market by providing valuable information and practical experiences through training, ultimately preparing them for employment upon graduation. He commended An-Najah National University for its pivotal role in meeting students' needs and its continuous efforts to foster their development and qualification. 


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