The Arab Islamic Bank offers payment services at points of sale via QR Code via the mobile banking application, allowing you to complete the instant payment process for merchants with ease, in a short time, and in fast and safe steps.

Features of Pay to merchant service using the QR code

  • Facilitating the payment process through points of sale in a short time and with fast safety steps
  • Saving customers and merchants time and effort
  • There is no need to use cash or prepaid cards
  • The ability to access Pay for merchants by using the QR code, before or after logging into the Banki App
  • The service is available in all currencies (dollars, dinars, and NIS).

How to Pay Using QR Code?

  1. Pay to the merchant by clicking on the QR scan button after directly opening the Banki application.
  2. To continue, you must log in using your biometric fingerprint or login information.
  3. The camera will open to scan the merchant's QR code to complete the payment process, or through your gallery.
  4. The following will appear on your screen after scanning the QR code:
    - The name of the merchant who will be paid
    - The amount to be paid to the merchant
  5. The account that the payment will be made from (by defining the account when entering the Banki application) or by choosing from the list of accounts that you are allowed to transfer.
  6. To continue, you must press confirm
    - Transactions of less than $100 are allowed without the need for a password.
    - Transactions of less than $500 require the transfer code.
    - For amounts more than $500, a temporary password will be provided to the customer's registered phone number in order for the transaction to be completed.
  7. The transaction is completed successfully and the user is immediately notified.


The service is only available to merchants who have Arab Islamic Bank, Bank of Palestine, or PalPay devices.

For our beloved merchants, you can join the POS network by contacting us at