We care about making our customers comfortable; therefore, we've made it easy for you to deposit cash and checks quickly and around the clock at ATMs located in front of AIB offices, saving you time and effort. The AIB is always working to expand the number of ATMs in order to service all regions. In Palestine, there are now 64 AIB ATMs.

  • ATM’s protects you from the risks of carrying cash
  • ATMs save you time and effort by allowing you to deposit cash and checks around the clock
  • Allows you to withdraw cash outside of the bank's regular business hours.

AIB’s ATM Services 

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Instant deposit of cash and checks, as illustrated by the video below
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Change card's PIN

Important Notes

  • The customer must ensure that the card is undamaged and free of any scratches or breaks that could interfere with the card's reading.
  • There are some countries from which ATM transactions are not permitted, namely (Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea [North Korea]), Lao People's Democratic Republic, Liberia, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen (Yemen Arab Republic), Zimbabwe, India, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil)

Precautionary Instructions for Using an ATM Card

  • Try to keep the ATM card in a distinct location in your wallet so that you can promptly detect its loss or theft.
  • Prepare your card ahead of time before using the ATM to avoid wasting time looking for it in your wallet or bag.
  • Keep your card's PIN safe, or make sure it's not in the same location as the card.
  • Do not count cash near the ATM; instead, quickly place your cash, card, and receipt in your wallet.
  • Always keep the phone number of the ATM card's issuer on hand in case of theft or loss.
  • If you observe anything unusual surrounding the ATM premises, cancel your transaction and leave immediately.
  • Make sure to input the password correctly the first time, because if the wrong password is repeated more than three times, the card will be lost and the device will withdraw it.
  • If an ATM seizes your card, notify the branch immediately
  • At the absolute least, change the password every three months
  • Notify the bank immediately if you discover any signs of tampering with the ATM or the presence of external electrical connections or wires.
  • When using an ATM, make sure no one is watching you enter your PIN or withdraw money
  • Be careful of anyone attempting to assist you if your card becomes stuck in an ATM
  • It is recommended that you examine your bank accounts on a frequent basis to ensure that no one has accessed them and to spot any unusual transaction on your account.
  • Be careful when strangers offer you assistance at an ATM
  • If you notice anything unusual at an ATM, such as somebody tampering with the card slot or number pad, or any other suspicious activity, do not use that machine and immediately notify the bank
  • Do not force your card into the slot if you believe the ATM is not working properly for any reason. Instead, use the cancel button, remove your card, and notify the bank immediately to stop the card.
  • Use your card only at ATMs and points of sale in public places where you are familiar, and remember to take the card after each use.
  • Cancel unneeded cards and destroy those that have been canceled