The Arab Islamic Bank's pre-booking service is the first of its kind in Palestine, and it is available to all of its customers. The pre-booking service helps in the organization and scheduling of your visit to the AIB branch, ensuring that when you arrive, the bank employee will be waiting for you to offer you the service as quickly as possible. The website allows you to book and schedule your visit.

Pre-Booking Service Features

  • Auto-turn system
  • Ability to pre-book
  • The customer's data can be identified through his phone number while requesting the receipt, which simplifies and shortens the service time.

Booking Features

  • Booking can be made through the branch's turn machine or the AIB website
  • Bookings can be made up to 5 days in advance, including the present day
  • Bookings are made every 15 minutes.
  • The system does not allow more than one appointment on the same day
  • Bookings for multiple customers can be made depending on the number of service providers from the branch employees.
  • The success of the booking process is dependent on the availability of the time chosen by the customer (not being booked by anyone else).
  • If all branch staff are busy when the customer arrives for the booking appointment, he may not be served directly, but he will be served directly once the present customer finishes
  • The customer can call technical support at 1700-222000 for assistance with the booking process.

Bookings through the AIB website

  • A booking website has been developed and can be accessed via the bank's website, click here 
  • The website is available in Arabic as well as English
  • The customer must enter his ID number to access the booking screen
  • The customer receives an e-ticket, which he may print and bring with him to the branch, or which he can transmit to his mobile phone by free SMS and keep until he visits the branch

Booking using the branch's Turn machine

  • The customer can schedule an appointment at a later date using the branch's turn machine
  • When booking, it is recommended to ask the customer for his phone number to identify his data and decrease the service time.